I think I envy her this more than I envy her doomed relationship with Johnny Depp. 

Yeah, I said it. You wanna fight?

Kate Moss on the cover of New York Magazine in advance of Topshop’s American flagship opening on April 2nd. The interview was also conducted with Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green. It’s a very rare occurrence. Kate almost never grants interviews. 

During the discussion, Kate admitted that her metabolism has slowed, and that infamous rail thin physique has now given way to some curves – curves that keep her at the centre of pregnancy speculation month after month.

In addition to the little tiny TINY belly she’s now toting around, Kate has also revealed that her breasts have grown, requiring the use for the first in her life of a bra.

Can you imagine going 35 years with a bra?


Not that I don’t love breasts. Of course I love breasts. YOUR breasts are great. YOUR breasts are wonderful. Am all over Salma Hayek’s too. But mine, mine don’t go with the rest of my body. They make sizing all weird with blouses. They don’t fit my shoulders. They don’t match my mother’s. We are the same everywhere else except the chest. She blames it on the fact I was born in Canada and not Hong Kong. Something about the added hormones in our food. But this is another discussion.

The point is that Kate Moss is now a full B. 

'I’ve just started wearing bras. It’s a miracle. Not today, but I have been. Great timing for my (Topshop) lingerie collection. 'I’ve just grown breasts. I am a woman now! It’s true. No, honestly, I’ve never worn a bra in my life. Ever! It’s so awful, even my friends are phoning me up and saying “Are you pregnant?” And I’m like, “No! I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place. Isn’t that weird? And how perfect for lingerie.... Now I can fill a B-cup.'

Oh and also, she hates Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The way she cuts them will make your life. 

So it was last year at the Costume Institute Gala. Remember KatE showed up all superbronzed in that red Armani with the blunt bangs and blue shoes? 

Anyway, Kate Moss says they pissed her off that night because they jumped the queue and eat ass for style:

“(Stella and I) stood in line for an hour or something to say hello to the meet and greet in the receiving line... we’re going, I can’t believe this. You can’t smoke. You can’t have a drink... We were like, What? Tom and Katie just walked right up to the front, and we were like, "Who the f*ck are they? They’re not even in fashion.”

How about that play on words? Not that she meant it but whatever…

“They not even in fashion”. True, and true!

Anyway, here’s the cover – kinda 70s Playboy Dorothy Stratten styles. Hate it. Photos like this make me sad. I call them dead girl photos. Like most of the time when we’re looking at photos like this the subject isn’t alive anymore. Marilyn Monroe is another good example. It’s morbid, I know. But what? If a photograph is supposed to evoke emotion, am I supposed to apologise for the emotion it evokes? 

And her nose. Look at that coke nose.

This is what Lindsay Lohan’s nose is turning into, non?


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