Kate Moss – can you believe she still hasn’t gone running back to that festering scab?

No it appears Kate is trying to remain resolute, determined to kick her Doherty addiction despite his repeated attempts at reconciliation through the tabloids. I still say it’s not over by a longshot.

But the UK press is hopeful and now trying to spin these photos of Kate with a “mystery” man as a possible new love interest. After a lengthy holiday, Kate has returned home and was seen leaving this dude’s house early in the morning. She does look better, non?

Apparently she’s now working out too, trying to live a more productive healthy lifestyle in between ciggies. Good luck with that. As for her career, while hunkering down in the cabin this weekend, enjoying a glass of red with the current issue of Vogue, I flipped page after page of high end ad campaign with Kate as the feature model. Pete or no Pete, with photoshop, this girl will always find work.