From Croydon???

I’m getting there...

Kate Moss is promoting a book of her modelling photos. She agreed to only two interviews in support of the release: Vanity Fair (which I wrote about last week, click here for a refresher) and The New York Times. As you know, Kate isn’t on Twitter and she’ll never be, at least not publicly. She won’t be on the talk show circuit. She does not talk much in public, period. For over 20 years it’s been like this. On the very, very rare occasion that she does then, well, it’s not only newsworthy, it’s also incredibly the sense that we always knew she was a meangirl. Remember when she supposedly told Gwyneth Paltrow to “go eat some f-cking carbs?” It was probably not true, but it was also very, very believable. Kate Moss has never been “nice”. Not really to other models she admires. Or her friends. Or her ex-friends. Like Christy Turlington. This is the best part of the NYT article:

(Moss) talked openly about the competition, expressing admiration for the versatile Brazilian beauty Raquel Zimmermann and a hint of lust for the Dutch model Lara Stone. "I think she's very hot, with her boobs and her teeth," Ms. Moss said, referring to Ms. Stone's gaptoothed smile. "Though my husband says she's not his cup of tea."

Speaking of the model Christy Turlington, one of the Three Graces of the supermodel era and a woman Ms. Moss once considered a paragon, she revealed some of the edge that has kept her relevant to fashion. "The last time I saw Christy, she was wearing a twin-set," Ms. Moss said. "You can think twin-set, but you can't wear one."

Lara Stone can’t be that sexy if Jamie Hince isn’t into it, is she?

And a twin-set is like... foreigners, America, and electricity.

There’s some Violet Grantham in that, isn’t there? way of Croydon?

Click here to read the full piece in the NYT. 

Attached - Kate on the cover of The Face in 1990. It’s true what the writer says -- the image still looks “improbably fresh”. And here’s Kate in India right now for Naomi Campbell’s rich Russian boyfriend’s big birthday party. Oh and why not -- I just bought some old shots for the Supermodel Nostalgia.

There was a Victoria Secret Angels whatever fashion show in New York last night. You’ll see those pictures on almost every other site. And none of them, NONE of them compare to the OGs.