The face or body choice when aging… what did Kate Moss choose? They say her face is now busted, and as you can see from her body, today at Fred Segal in short shorts and her loose skin flappin’ around her legs, there’s much to be desired where her body is concerned.

Some fat would plump that out, you know. Make it more taut, be more comforting, a little juicy fruit to bite into.

But this?

This is a shrivelled mess.

Better Adele’s approach to it all. She recently told Heat Magazine:

"I'm really mouthy about not having the Hollywood look. Everyone asks me 'Why don't you feel pressured to get the Hollywood look?' and I'm like, "Because I don't." I mean, I quite like my eyes and my lips. I don't like my double chin or my gut, but I don't not like them enough to do something about it.”

She finished by saying it’s not worth it to give up food.


Today I had a bowl of spaghetti for breakfast with 8 meatballs. 6 seemed like it wouldn’t be enough, 7 is bad luck when it comes to food, and 9 would have been gluttonous.

Below –Adele doing a killer acoustic of Chasing Pavements in some dinky radio cubicle. Hi Du!

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