Kate Moss last night in London carrying a huge wad of cash – her winnings apparently at casino. Casino. LOVE casino. Sometimes it’s better chasing back and breaking even than it is being up a few bills right off the take, non?

Also Kate and boyfriend Jamie Hince, who is rotting on the inside, in Paris this week.

As for what she’s been up to lately, besides wearing skinny jeans and smoking her face off… well, not too long ago, her long suffering personal assistant walked off the job. Kate was said to be devastated. She would miss the woman, of course, but the real panic came when she realised that without the assistant, there would be no one around to hold her “happy”.

This, you see, was what the girl was paid for. As you"ve already gathered from prevous Not uncommon in the industry – you have to be willing to take the fall in exchange for securing your future.

Word is Kate was scrambling for a replacement, especially on her travels.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com