For a few weeks now, British gossips have been reporting that there’s trouble between Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince. Something about not spending time together and she hates a few of his friends. They’ve not been seen together in months.

And now, these photos of Jamie in LA with model Jessica Stam. Click here to see. I mean…it’s hard to draw any other conclusion, non?

Stam is 29 years old. And while she’s not on the same level as Kate Moss – come on, there are very few Kate Mosses – she’s definitely a name in the industry, and one of the modern “dollfaces”, when the dollface moment was the moment in modeling a few years ago.

Kate and Jamie haven’t responded to the rumours of their failing marriage. She’s kept a pretty low profile recently. And now her husband is getting his face caressed by another model and putting his arms around her. Croydon Kate…where are you?

That’s the thing about Kate Moss. She’s not exactly a high road kind of girl. Her nasty switch is always ready to flip.