I guess this is the end of the world.   Right? We are there.   Because the rage about Kate Upton’s appearance in a lingerie fashion show on a blog called SkinnyGossip (I will refrain from comparisions in said blog’s title, design and colour scheme to another blog we know) is possibly the craziest thing I’ve seen this year. So the apocalypse must be coming.

It’s 2012 and we’re media literate.  You know that you can find fat-hatred anywhere you choose to look online.  That the “banishing” of pro-ana blogs did exactly zero. So it shouldn’t be such a surprise that this blog exists, that people frequent it, or that there’s no immunity for anyone.

It’s the ANGER that gets me here.  How DARE this woman be visible and famous looking like that (“that” = sexy and luscious and kick-ass)?  Her crime isn’t that she looks better than most of us ever will – her crime is that she’s famous and notable and has opportunities and roles and attention that the blogs and the commenters will never have.  How dare she?

How dare she like herself? How dare she make money on herself?  How dare she find a way to fit her ever-so-slightly nontraditional by model/actress standards body into the famous people’s lexicon? That’s NOT HOW IT WORKS.   You have to be skinny to the point of death to be famous or fashionable and if you’re not you have to hate yourself and cry forever and everyone knows that and that’s why I’m not fashiony or famous because I’m not perfect like fill-in-the-borderline-anorexic-of-your-choice so why does she get to be? It’s not fairrrrrr.  It’s meaaaaaannnn.  I’ve accepted the rules of hating myself so why doesn’t she know she has to hate herself?

It is, of course, worse because she’s not famous for something else.   She’s not a comedian or a singer where people can say “well, for that kind of a job, I guess the body is OK”.  She’s famous for being beautiful.   She is fudging the rules of the game that everyone internalized the summer they were 11, and she is winning at it.  She gets to be happy with her body, and that is just unfair. That bitch.

So if you were wondering how we were doing, on getting a broader range of bodies accepted in the mainstream media – that’s how. Jesus.

(Lainey: Kate Upton desperately wanted to get into the Met Gala a couple of months ago. Click here for a refresher. What’s to come of the combination of Anna Wintour’s judgments and these skinny blogs… ?  Remember what happened to Sophie Dahl? And, more recently, Crystal Renn? Kate Upton could be on her way.)