Newlywed Kate Walsh and husband spent the holiday in Hawaii frolicking in the water. Having met her in person, twice, I can tell you she is even lovelier in person – more engaging, with more sparkle, and sexier, less harsh in the face, and the longest craziest legs. And Kate’s like George Clooney in a way – fame found her late so really isn’t a f&ck up.

I love Kate Walsh.

Which is why it sucks so hard that Kate is on a show that sucks even harder. Private Practice is embarrassing. Even the name is embarrassing. And doesn’t Addison deserve so much more than embarrassing?

Good news is - her husband"s not embarrasing. And her body is far from embarrasing. And she is over the moon happy. But who wouldn"t be on an impromptu honeymoon to Hawaii?

Photos from splash