Several weeks ago, one of the UK rags took a photo of Cate Blanchett from the worst possible angle at the Costume Institute Gala and called her anorexic. She was and is not anorexic. This morning they printed this photo of the incomparably beautiful Kate Winslet with the following caption:

Perhaps it"s a little too figure-hugging, Kate?


Aside from Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton, who in f&ck would look at this and say it’s big? The same outlets that routinely accuse Keira Knightley and the aforementioned Victoria Beckham for promoting unhealthy body images are now turning around suggesting Kate Winslet is chunking out?

Or in their words:
Instead of flattering her feminine shape, the figure-hugging dress gave the appearance that the British actress had gained a few pounds.

Call me Cruise but I’m all over this dress. I’m all over the figure-hugging. And Lancome must be in agreement as they’ve just named her their spokesperson which is why she got all gussied up for the announcement in Paris. Said Kate:

"I didn"t feel that I was just being asked to be the face of something. It was me as a person (and my message to women) about being real in who you are and comfortable in your skin."