A gorgeous, gorgeous photo from the new Harper"s Bazaar. That dress Cam is wearing - Must.Have.It. But just a little, little, little item for discussion: You know how she said the other day, Kate I mean, that she abhored the new skinny? That it made her ill to see so many girls starving themselves, that she would never aspire to the same? Well... Do you think Kate looks like Kate? Do you think there"s a tiny bit of photoshoppe going on here? The legs, the arms? Yes...no... Now you know I love Kate Winslet. You know I think she is perfect EVERYWHERE. And because I think she is perfect everywhere, I"m just saying it would really suck ass if she was touched up in these shots because we can all agree, she absolutely doesn"t need it. Or maybe it"s just me. Maybe I"m just seeing things... Source