There was a lot of talk last year after Kate Winslet announced her split from Sam Mendes that she may have been f-cking around with her face, or whatever. Kate is approaching the release of her HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce and is on the cover of the new Glamour discussing body issues, self-esteem, privacy, protecting her children, marriage, and Botox.

She claims she’s never had it. She claims she hasn’t had any work. She points to her face and asserts that it still moves, that she can still act, very well, and that she’s spent a lot of time getting over her physical hang-ups, that she takes it seriously when she claims to be all natural because she knows people believe her.

You know what?

I’ve decided that I believe her.

She’s 35. She looks great. When did we decide that 35 and looking great was questionable? The problem of course is that the Nicole Kidmans of the world have made us all jaded, right? Which sucks for those few who don’t actually do anything to their faces. Because the automatic assumption is that anyone who looks good who’s older than 25 must be getting that kind of help.

I believe in doubting 95% of these celebrities 95% of the time. Totally. They deserve it. But at the same time, it’s no fun without the remaining 5%, the ones you decide are true and good. Without them, there are no breaks in the sh-t. Without them, there’s just nothing higher to compare it to. Frankly, I want Kate in that 5%. I don’t think she’s ever given us reason not to be there.

Click here to read her interview with Glamour. I like the responses she gives when asked about never revealing why she and Sam didn’t work. Click here to see more photos.