Love.Her. Consider this: Hilary Swank, that deceitful little bitch, has 2 Oscars. Kate Winslet, the beautiful, the talented, the incomparable Kate Winslet, has none. WTF??? The good news is Little Children should earn her another nomination in what promises to be a tough year and while I would not be sad to see Annette Bening finally acknowledged, I’d also love to see at Kate vs Cate battle. Anyway, check out Kate Winslet in NYC yesterday promoting Flushed Away with Hugh Jackman. The skin, the hair, the black and jack – she glows, non? But what I love most about Kate Winslet is that she didn’t take Titanic and live off the celebrity. She didn’t buy a house in Hollywood and party every night. But she could have. Ten years ago, she could have been Lindsay Lohan. Instead, Kate Winslet became an actor. And though I know that sounds awfully cheese, laced with more than a little James Lipton, it is also undeniably true - Kate Winslet is definitely one of the keepers. Source