Not a fan of the dress. It didn’t totally suck but... wasn’t crazy about the two piecey-ness of it. No matter. It’s not what she wore. It’s the makeup. Her makeup lately has been crazy good. So good some of you think she’s had her eyes done. Or something.

Lucky was our makeup artist on Olympic Morning. She’s a genius. Lucky examined it with her professional eye. She doesn’t think there was surgery involved. She does however think the highlighting and contouring is masterful.

This is what happened at the Oscars for Kate, returning as the reigning Best Actress. She popped. When she came by the 2nd photo wall, she popped. It was glorious. And she’s fit and toned but not skinny and everybody loves her and everyone rushes to hug her and she knows when to and when not to and last night was never about her and that is our Kate. So please don’t turn on our Kate. Kate’s not that girl. I won’t believe that Kate is that girl. She’s never given me reason o believe she’s that girl. So why would we do our girl like that just because after a restful break she looks really good?

Photos from and Frazer Harrison/