An early contender for best actress, momentum has worn off for Kate Winslet not for lack of critical acclaim but in the absence of a huge high profile push a la Harvey Weinstein for Sienna Miller – more on that later. Still, by all accounts, Kate’s performance in Little Children is on par with her previous brilliance and as always, she has been a total class act… if there is a list of those who deserve one more than Hilary Swank deserving TWO, Kate Winslet has to be included. Why? Because Kate Winslet makes anything good. Even America Express commercials – when I hear her voice, low and steady, and that accent, all elegance, all class, I am always, always riveted. Check out Kate in skinny jeans for a Q&A after screening the movie – not dolled up, no overkill, just Kate, total gorgessity. Love, love, love. Source