Alan Rickman is directing Kate Winslet in a new film called A Little Chaos. It's a period piece. what do you want to watch?

Marianne Dashwood, Colonel Brandon, how long has it been since your last viewing of Sense & Sensibility? Recently-ish for me, actually. It was available on a flight late last year. It ended up being a very enjoyable flight. I'd stupidly forgotten how good it is. And what a good actor Hugh Grant is to be so convincing that he's sweet and gentle and good-humoured when he's actually a misanthropic bastard.

But the point here...

Oh. Colonel Brandon. You know, the argument could be made that Colonel Brandon is at least = to Mr Darcy? Maybe even >? No? Am I alone?


Worth watching again, not just for Alan Rickman and the always excellent dear Emma Thompson, but also a young Kate Winslet. You remember when she sees Willoughby at the ball and realises he's a douchebag? She was so good in that scene, I may never be able to imagine anyone else playing it.