Most popular article yesterday, by far, was Kate Winslet’s face and whether or not she’s been f-cking with it which, as I noted, I don’t think she has/is. Click here if you missed it. There’s snark, sure, and most of them are deserving of it, but aren’t there also those who have earned some credits? How is Kate Winslet anything like Nicole Kidman?

The problem of course is that Nicole Kidman and her kind have conditioned us into thinking that any time anyone looks good, it’s because they’ve been messing with the injections. You walk among real people all the time who haven’t had any procedures and it’s so much easier to believe. It’s different though, I understand, with celebrity. When you deal in the surreal, it’s harder to make you accept the real.

Me I’m sticking with my position - I don’t see anything that’s cutty and/or freezy here. I honestly don’t. It moves, it crinkles, it’s not perfect, and I don’t like how dark the eyebrows are and maybe that’s what’s throwing you off? I wonder if the plastic surgery accusations would not be so pronounced if she had different hair colour. Is the hair colour throwing you off? What’s throwing me off is the dress. I appreciate that the black panel at the back totally slims the waist, she looks amazing, but I wish it was just grey and black and not white, grey, and black. Hate the white bust area. It’s too extra. You don’t need to amp up a bombshell. She does that all by herself.

So that’s one look.

The other would be the gamine. Kate Winslet’s Mildred Pierce co-star Evan Rachel Wood. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It’s giving me major hair temptation.

Photos from Gigi Iorio/ and Pascal Le Segretain/Frederic Nebinger/