No, I don’t know about being a fan. But even if I knew about being a true, devoted fan, I still wouldn’t want to be the lady in the window of this photo, the loser on the outside, desperately wishing to be on the inside, while two beautiful people LOOK AWAY FROM HER.

What purpose does this serve? To stick your face in the window of a moving vehicle carrying famous people when it’s also not your job?

Anyway, Kate Winslet was in Madrid last night at a Mario Testino party and brought along her boyfriend Louis Dowler. She looks great, non? Really, really gorgeous. And incapable of hiding how happy she is. Positively giddy. These two can’t stop touching each other. I’m into how into it she is. I’m into the fact that she knows we know that she’s having really great sex and doesn’t give a sh-t because, well, she’s the one having really great sex.

Photos from Prisma/G Tres/Michael Murdock/