You know when you’re out with your friends and you’re having a great time and someone takes a picture and you lean in, beaming, and in your head the soundtrack is one of the songs from tonight that you forgot you loved (hands up if your Oscar party broke into Man in Motion like we did), and you think ‘we’re the best group of friends ever!’

…And then when you see the picture you’re like “WHO REPLACED ME WITH A BUILDING?”

This is what happened to Kate Winslet tonight. Now please, continue your angry email that you were already writing and don’t write me a new one, because I’m not saying she is a building. What I’m saying is that the way she was standing and the crazy amount of light the dress took on made it seem like we could see three sides of her body, and I know that wasn’t what she intended, but it also drives me crazy that this is even the thing that there is to talk about. But there wasn’t a lot else…

Leo aside, I don’t feel like she had a great night. My sources tell me she was stomping through the lobby after the show “looking like a publicist instead of herself”, and I think I saw her do the same earlier on in the day, dark glasses firmly applied. There’s been a long and prominent Kate Winslet era, but doesn’t it kind of feel like it’s a little bit fading? Not that she won’t work, and be nominated, and all the rest of it, but that she’s not so much in the thick of it anymore. I can’t pin down why I think this, exactly, but is what Kate gives us not what the Oscars need right now?