Kate Winslet was in New York last night for the premiere of Mildred Pierce. They tried something a little different with her makeup. I like the black eyeliner in the waterline of her eyes. But everything else, especially the powder, the abundance of it, and against the pale lips – I’m not sure it was working, at least not in photographs. With the harsh light, you see, the powder seemed to cling to the peach-fuzz on her face. They did a much better job the other night when she attended a fundraising dinner in a white dress with a black sash around her waist. Having said that, on both occasions, Kate seems to be proving my position: that she’s not f-cking around with the sh-t they all f-ck around with. She is the 5%.

As for Mildred Pierce, I came home from London to find the screeners on my desk. Can’t wait to watch. Part 1 premieres on HBO and HBO Canada on Sunday March 27th. I think it’s a foregone conclusion she’ll be up for every award applicable, right?

Photos from Stephen Lovekin/Dave Hogan/Gettyimages.com