It’s a real woman’s body, right? Especially in this dress. Authentic breasts, the presence of hips – HIPS! – and curves and an ass and she’s fit, but she eats too, and while there may or may not be some Spanx activation, at the same time you also know she’s not a double user like Beyonce, who sucks in that sh-t with two pairs on the regular and sometimes, they say, even three.

Oh Kate Winslet. We love you. But we worry. About the backlash. You know the backlash. They build them up, they tear them down. The backlash could hurt her with a month to go. Meryl clearly has the vote of her peers. It’s a very real possibility that Kate could go home empty handed on Oscar night, especially since they decided not to slot her in as Supporting Actress for The Reader. WTF? Am still crusty about that.

As for those of you wondering about Leo – he wasn’t nominated and neither was Revolutionary Road. So he had no official reason to show. And he decided to hang out with Bar at Villa instead. But some of you have been buzzing about their relationship. Apparently her open public affection for him in the presence of her husband, interpreted as disrespectful, makes you uncomfortable…?

If he wasn’t so handsome, would it be an issue? Not so much of one, right?

They’re not f-cking. They may have done years and years ago but it’s not there now. Trust. Nothing smutty here. She simply loves her Leo in the most platonic way possible…although in a storybook Notebook sinking ship eternal love Jack and Rose daydream, we all would like to believe it. I guess…?

PS. Would it kill her to prepare a few words? Because, much as I love her, when she’s up there accepting her award….like, ugh.

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