Kate Winslet at the YO DONA Magazine International Awards in Madrid last night. Looks unbelievable. SO good. And natural. I think natural. I’m not going to rehash our debate on if she’s had anything done but I will tweak it and ask you what you consider to be “done”.

I came in this morning for the news and sat in for makeup with one of the lead artists. We were talking about my skin and taking care of it, and so far it’s actually holding up ok medium and this is the Asian thing which will only last me until 60 but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t get better, smoother, fresher...

So she started telling me about this doctor that everyone sees and he’s the best and doesn’t make you do more than you want and that the only thing she would ever recommend for me is something called a Sonar Facial...? She made it sound like a super-exfoliant that takes 45 minutes and you can walk out right away and no one will notice except that you’ll be all bright and glowy. Then I started thinking...

What counts?

I mean that’s obviously not an injectible. And there are no cuts. But it’s still a medical professional using some serious skill on your face... which, can you still say, this is just me, I’ve had nothing “done”?

Kate Winslet for example –so she’s had no fillers, no botox, none of that sh-t but what if she’s had a Sonar Facial or two, a chemical peel now and again (are they the same thing???), would you still consider that within the boundaries of “natural”? Or do you lump it in with the Nicole Kidman? If she’s asked, and she answers, “oh, this is all me, I’ve had nothing ‘done’””, does that actually count as having nothing “done”, or is it a truth tweak? Would you be less impressed? Let me know your thoughts.

Photos from Wenn.com