British gossips are reporting that Kate Winslet’s post-divorce hookup with model Louis Dowler is done, that she took what she wanted from their four month romance, and has ended it now because she wants “to be alone” and to focus on her children. Dowler was apparently expecting to follow Winslet to Chicago where she’ll be shooting Contagion. Word is she told him he wasn’t welcome. But in a nice way.



I can understand how a woman might have certain needs after terminating a long meaningful relationship. Jessica Simpson would interpret those needs as love. Then she’d buy herself an engagement ring and support his ass for several years. Kate on the other hand had some great sex with a great looking man, and is now ready for some introspection. She’s been quietly enjoying the scene in Chicago, attended a performance of To Kill A Mockingbird the other night, and no this doesn’t mean she’s now free to get with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s not a thing. But I had a nightmare recently. True story. I dreamt that I broke a horrible story. I dreamt that I received an exclusive tip that Kate and Spittle Gerard Butler happened. He pursued her, she relented, and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other on every red carpet. So happy to eventually wake up from that one. But the truth is, I could actually see it.

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