I am a fickle, shallow person. So sometimes it’s hard for me to see past the initial superficial. I get that. Perhaps, then, in this situation, I lack the spiritual profundity to move beyond a name and focus instead on quality. Perhaps.

UK tabloids are reporting that Kate Winslet has a new boyfriend. Although she was seen not too long ago with model Louis Dowler, having reconciled after splitting up last year, British gossips now say that Kate has hooked up with Richard Branson’s nephew. Apparently they became close after she went to Necker Island - where she rescued Branson’s mother from fire - on holiday. The two arrived together at a memorial service on Tuesday in London.

His name?

Well, his name is Ned Rocknroll.

For real. That is his name. Do we blame his parents for calling him that? Was he saddled with something ridiculous because his parents were assholes?

No. We can’t blame the parents. The parents called him Abel Smith. Abel Smith is a perfectly acceptable name. Ned wasn’t happy with it though. Which is why he changed it HIMSELF, officially, to ...


Could you?

Go to bed with a dude who changed his named to Ned Rocknroll?

Maybe he’s really kind. Maybe he’s gentle and sweet and gracious and charitable.

I just...

Do kind, gentle, sweet, charitable, and gracious men go from Abel Smith to Ned Rocknroll? I don’t see how that could be consistent. Just me?

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Attached - Kate arriving at Heathrow after her Emmy win.

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