Kate Winslet, of course. Who doesn’t love Kate Winslet? Here she is the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar looking ravishing but also refreshingly ordinary. In an accessible, appealing, comfortable
“ordinary” kind of way. The best kind of “ordinary”. Like the Foo Fighters’ Hero:

There goes my hero… watch him as he go.
There goes my hero….he’s ordinary.

The article is as you’d expect. Pure down to earth glamorous but not intimidating, Kate Winslet is the new face of Lancome, shooting an ad, no diva dramatics…still, as they say in England, “our Kate”, even though she no longer lives in London.

She and husband Sam Mendes moved to NYC a while ago to raise their family. Apparently the privacy intrusion by the paparazzi was too much to bear. Apparently London is worse than NYC.

Then of course there’s the body issue – one of the many attributes that makes Kate special. Our Kate has Our Body and she is sharing the same attitude with her daughter Mia:

“Mia and I are sitting in the bath together, and she grabs hold of my belly and says, “Lovely, soft flobbedy belly.” I’d never bat her away. I don’t want her to think that I don’t want my belly commented upon because it’s a negative. The challenge is to find a way to turn it into a positive thing. And I tell you something that I just realised very recently, and I thought “That’s a good thing to remember Kate” – in my whole entire life, I have never met a single woman who has said to me, “You know what? I love my body. We all have those moments (of hating our bodies)… I really do (love my body). But then go “Hang on, am I allowed to say that. Am I actually allowed to say “I love my body”? Is that bad? Am I showing off? No, of course I’m not showing off. I’ve had two kids, I’m feeling fit, everything’s sort of in the right place – and it’s about having the courage to accept the way you are, and not trying to force yourself to be something that is manipulative to your body.”

There’s the nauseating Oprah Winfrey way of “rah rah rah love yourself first” pounding down your throat, and then there’s Kate’s way. It’s honest, it’s authentic, it’s not mass hysteria and self help books, she can straddle the MiniVan Majority AND the AntiVan Majority and she doesn’t need The Secret.

Isn’t she lovely?