As you know, Melissa Leo dropped an f-bomb at the Oscars in reference to Kate Winslet making it look “so f-cking easy”. Now Kate has answered back. Hilariously. In an interview with Zap2it, Kate replied:

"Everyone dumps all this sh-t on me, all the f-cking time. (Melissa) is right, though. She is absolutely right. I have got to hand it to her, and she did curse on the stage of the Academy Awards. That's my kind of cool. I sent her a text message (that read): 'Is that f-cking you, Melissa? You motherf-cking cow,' and the bitch hasn't called me back!"

Cute right? I love when girls love girls.

Here’s Kate at Let Petit Salon Des Jeunes Createur cocktail hosted by Bar Vogue at Hotel Crillon in Paris. How many of those black dresses do you think she owns? Yesterday’s post about me believing her to be in the minority 5% - click here for a refresher – elicited some yelling. Sometimes these before and after photos, especially taken when someone is quite young, without the angles you develop as you get to be older, are not a good gauge. I feel you though, I get your skepticism. And so I say, in the spirit of gossip as a buffet, can we agree to disagree? Or are you still mad at me?

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