Kate Winslet is in Venice today for Carnage with co-stars John C Reilly and Christoph Waltz. Jodie Foster is shooting a movie and obviously couldn’t make it. This is Kate at the photo call in the afternoon and then at the gala in the evening. And there has been a lot of discussion about her face.

She drew attention to it of course recently when she talked about forming some kind of anti-plastic surgery club with Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz and how plastic surgery is not in line with her morals. A lot of people of course don’t believe that Kate hasn’t had any work done. Some suspect that she’s at least been Botoxed a few times. Maybe more. Whatever. She denies it. And now it’s a game of back and forth. You either believe her or you don’t.

My friends over at Cele|bitchy definitely don’t. They’re analysing the photo call shots and seeing a lot of Megan Fox happening all over Kate’s face. I’m all for monkey jumping on a lying bitch, totally, but me maybe I’m bug eyed ... I just don’t see it...?

In fact, I see lines around her eyes and mouth, I see lines on her forehead, I even see hair in the moustache region that I would imagine would have been taken care of if she was getting sh-t beamed into her pores, right? Because once you start it, often it’s a slippery slope. Have you noticed? One day they go in for some Botox, the next day, Heidi Montag is coming towards you claiming to be your roommate. Nicole Kidman is a really good example of this. She just couldn’t stop. And I don’t see this about Kate Winslet. I also hate the fact that I have to include sh-tty pictures of her in order to argue the point. Your thoughts?

Photos from Wenn.com and Pascal Le Segretain/Gareth Cattermole/Gettyimages.com