She’s shooting a watch ad for Longines. I need a new Kate Winslet movie soon. But I’m also happy that I miss Kate Winslet movies. The idea is to be missed.

Longines is always a word I’ve had trouble with. How do you pronounce it properly? Because I can only pronounce it the Cantonese way which is how I was introduced to the brand initially. In Hong Kong. Longines was all over the place. And they say it:


They’ve given the brand a proper Chinese name with Chinese characters. Long-Kum.

As for Kate, she was just working on an HBO project called Mildred Pierce. And soon, hopefully, will begin shooting with Soderbergh and the rest of that high profile cast (Damon, Paltrow, Law, Cotillard) on Contagion. For’s commercials for cash money. They all do.

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