Kate Winslet stepped out with her new man in London this weekend. His name is Louis Dowler. He’s a model. He’s also British. They’ve been together since at least the spring. As you can see, at this point, she’s not hiding it.

Apparently they had dinner and then hit up Mahiki, a club that’s been frequented by royalty and riffraff. Like the Princes and Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton etc. While there, according to People.com Kate and Louis shared a Treasure Chest which is as tacky as it sounds. And that’s the crazy thing about Mahiki.

Most of these celebrity lounges you hear about feature the standard white leather couches and sleek black bars. Mahiki, at least when I was there with Dylan and Danielle a couple of years ago, is wicker chairs and umbrellas in your drinks – Pirates of the Caribbean in Tahiti – and gimmick cocktails that come delivered in mini cauldrons the size of a buffet plate and several cups deep that can be set on fire with fumes coming out of a mystery chimney. The night we were there it was full of well bred boys and girls with last names ending in –ingham or –fordshire which made the whole experience even more hilarious, watching the trust fund kids get down in tacky environs...

If you ever have a chance, you should go.

Photos from Wenn.com