I loved that Kate Winslet, who is now just a Tony Award away from EGOT, was so unabashedly happy about winning her Emmy. Maybe it was put on, maybe she was pretending it meant as much to her as the others, but if we have a choice between the two, I’ll take the one that says that she wanted it badly, as anyone would, even Kate Winslet, and when it happened, she wasn’t shy about demonstrating the extent of that want, in the form of a fist pump. Several fist pumps.

I just wish she didn’t kick off her acceptance speech by saying she didn’t think they (Mildred Pierce) would win anything last night. Not that I don’t believe her, but I can hear what those who don’t find Kate as charming as I do would be saying...

Come on now.

led with something like 21 nominations. And she’s Kate Winslet, widely regarded as one of the best actors of a generation.

As IF she didn’t think they would win anything.

But do you remember what the story was before Kate won her Oscar for The Reader? For a long, long time, Kate was the Oscar loser. You could say then that Kate’s actually more used to losing than she is to winning. Being used to losing is hard to shake. Especially for actors whose default emotion is insecurity anyway. In other words, I don’t think that comment was disingenuous on her part, I really, really don’t. Had it come from Gwyneth Paltrow? Of course. Totally disingenuous. But what reason has Kate Winslet ever given you to doubt where she’s coming from? I’m the low-life gossip blogger whose first inclination is always hate and even I can’t find anything here. But love. I love her. I will always want to love her.

Start at 1:00 here to see Kate’s fist pump:

And this is Kate’s speech below:

Photos from Wenn.com and Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/Gettyimages.com