So now she has one. How 'bout that whistle from her dad? She was asked in the press room about the criticism she's received from stoic Brits about the emotion she's gushed throughout the course of the season. Her response?

I don't give a sh-t. If they can't be happy for one of their own then f-ck 'em.

Didn't think it was possible for me to love her more...but I do.

And her exuberance - a well known British journalist Baz B stood up to ask her a question. He's been following her since she was 17. Just a girl from Reading (and yes this is a rehash from the liveblog but some of you didn't hit it) who now has an Oscar. When she saw Baz she leapt off the stage and right into his arms. Ok I cried. I was hungry!

Anyway the entire room clapped and she stood there drinking it in and now, hopefully, she'll go away for a while and spend time with her family because the rumours keep swirling.

As for her YSL dress - liked didn't love. But the hair. Ugh. The hair. A stale 2 day old biscuit at the back of her head. Reminded me for some reason of that basket attachment in the shape of a jock that Julia Robers had installed at the back of her head when she won a few yrs ago. No.

Now. Please. Next time Meryl Streep is nominated, please let it not be against Julianne Moore or Annette Bening or Laura Linney because It. Is. Time. For. Meryl.

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