Leo calls her his homey. Kate Winslet is everyone’s homey. Well, except maybe Angelina Jolie. Heh. In all fairness, though it doesn’t matter because you hate the Jolie more than anyone else and that’s all you can see…

Kate actually COMPLETELY FORGOT to mention Anne Hathaway.


Just saying…

(Correction: I thought she said "um". But she said Anne. So yeah, only Angelina was disrespected. Even better!)

But Johnny Depp adores her. Her peers adore her. We adore her. She is a girl’s girl. And it was a night for a girl’s girl. You will note also that in this backstabbing industry, few if any begrudge her. It’s a rare occurrence in Hollywood: she is well liked AND legitimately talented.

Crazier still…Harvey Weinstein has not been able to corrupt her. Can you believe it?

And even though her dress was kinda boring, at least it wasn’t of that bombshell Herve Leger variety from a few weeks ago. This is the way I like my Kate. You?

Photos from Wenn.com