Kate Winslet was photographed in London yesterday with her husband Ned Rocknroll. I still can’t believe that’s a real f-cking name. How does anyone talk to him without laughing?

As for whether or not it’ll be Kate Rocknroll, she says no.

"I was never going to change my name to Rocknroll. I've never changed my name to anything so I didn't see a reason to start now. I quite like Kate Winslet; in fact I think it's very flashy. I'm proud of my name because I'm one of three girls and we have one boy in our family so essentially the only person who is going to carry the name along is my brother and he doesn't have any children at the moment."

Well that’s reassuring. But that was also never the question. The question, now that she’s pregnant, is what name the child will be given. Kate’s two other children are called Mia and Joe. Assuming that she’ll keep with the 3 letter names, let’s say, for example only, that the third kid will be Pam.

Eve Rocknroll?

Jim Rocknroll?

Then again, would Ned Rocknroll go with something so ordinary? Ned Rocknroll would probably go with something like…


Mix Rocknroll.

It’s unisex at least.