It’s always about whose abs you want. Or ass. Or hair. Or nose. It’s never about the hamstrings. Hamstrings are underrated!

But I only realised this today.

I was just whining at my trainer Hayley yesterday about hamstrings: Why do we have to work on them every time???

Hamstring rolls on that f&cking ball are the worst. You know when you lie on your back with legs on the ball and you lift up your bum and roll the ball into your body by your heels?

I hate them. They paralyse my legs. Like a little rat running inside the muscle, cramping all the way up to the ass.

But seeing Kate Winslet’s hamstrings today, I understand a little more. Her hamstrings are hot. I want hamstrings like her hamstrings. Actually, I want her everything. It’s nice to see Kate Winslet, non? Can’t wait to see more of her as she readies for promotion for Revolutionary Road. Oscar bait!

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