Dear Gossips,

The May issue of Vanity Fair was dedicated to sisters – I wrote about it here in reference and comparison to Jacqueline Kennedy and Lee Radziwill and Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. Last night I read a great article about the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, in The Atlantic. Studying the Brontes is practically its own academic degree and business, with new interpretations happening all the time.

The Atlantic essay posits that while Bronte intellect may have been underserved by the limitations of their time – with few opportunities to contribute beyond house chores and childcare – this reality not only provided them with the material, but also the shelter to analyse their observations and actually produce and perfect their work … which is also what many of their characters did: hiding in domesticity. Like Nelly Dean in Wuthering Heights?

I think I might have to re-read it with this perspective.

Click here for the piece in The Atlantic.

Speaking of sisters, Kate Moss and her sister Lottie were both in Cannes last night and both in red. I hate this look on Kate. I hate the boring dress. I hate the boring hair. It’s a dress and hair that could be on anyone. And I don’t understand why THE Kate Moss is wearing a dress and hair that could be on anyone.

Yours in gossip,