Little G’s first week

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 31, 2013 15:01:09 July 31, 2013 15:01:09

Prince George of Cambridge is on the cover of the new issues of both US Weekly and PEOPLE after his first 10 days of existence. While both publications are reporting that his mother is breastfeeding and that there’s no nanny, only a housekeeper, US Weekly has more detail about what life is like at Bucklebury for the future king. Apparently it’s about as un-royal as you could imagine. Like Will is unloading the dishwasher after dinner. And both parents have supposedly been very hands-on, keeping Georgie in their room with them at night in a Moses basket and requiring very little assistance, relatively speaking. At the very least, there are no palace spies hovering over every move.

It’s already a different experience from what William had. According to US Weekly, right now the Cambridges are leaning away from sending Little G to boarding school, hoping instead to keep him as close as possible in yet another break from tradition. Word is they’ve had no resistance from the family, everyone keen to keep the situation as undramatic and as un-scandalous as possible given what happened before. If that means growing up Middleton for the first part of his life, so be it. Will be interesting to observe whether or not the Middletons will leverage this power for themselves, if at all. Some say they’ve a lot of Boleyn in them. Is it naïve of me to think – or hope – that for them, they are parents first before political players?

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