Just...ignore Mario Lopez in the corner. (Sidebar: Congratulations X-Factor, because you just guaranteed that I won’t be watching anymore by bringing on Lopez and a Kardashian to host your show, which impressed me, and now I have to give up on it. Am I in the minority on this?)

Here are Katey Sagal and Jimmy Smits on Extra the other day promoting Sons Of Anarchy which I finally caught up on last weekend - 3 episodes - and God I love him on the show, so much. I love Gemma and Nero, I love Gemma and Tara, I love Gemma all the time because she’s complicated and crazy and amazing and it’s really too bad she had such a boring, do nothing son who is the weakest part of the show, by far. Weak. So weak that it’s making Charlie Hunnam UNattractive. Yes, it’s possible. It’s possible when he’s playing a character that lets things just happen around him. Jax is the Bella Swan of SAMCRO.

But I do agree with Kurt Sutter about his wife. Let me add my voice to all the other voices complaining about her Emmy shut-outs. Not even ONE nomination?!?