Goddamn, who is advising Katherine Heigl on her wardrobe for Killers press? Terrible, terrible hair issues. Very, very serious. No one under 60 should be styling it this way. Ever.

Heigl is in London tonight at the premiere of Killers which opened in 3rd place last weekend with$15 million despite some horrific reviews, as in 0% from top critics. Perhaps that’s why Ashton Kutcher doesn’t want to be seen around it? No, no, he must be busy. He must have been too busy making another new movie to worry about the really bad one he just put out.

This of course is not new where Heigl is concerned. People pay to see her low quality sh-t. But for how much longer? Vulture posted a thorough analysis of her career the other day, with industry insider commentary assessing Heigl’s future in light of all her drama, while balancing her popularity among the MiniVan Majority. There are many of you who have written to me to defend her, to stand up for her mouthy reputation and even Mark Harris dedicated a full column in Entertainment Weekly several months ago to her cause.

But there’s a difference between being opinionated and making your opinions more important than everyone else’s. And this is Heigl’s problem. Which is why NO ONE who has EVER worked with her before will EVER work with her agan.

Let me just repeat that for you:

No one who has ever worked with Katherine Heigl will ever work with her again.

What does that say about Katherine Heigl? Is it them...or is it HER?

Click here for the Vulture piece. It’s a very good read.

Photos from Ian Gavan/Fergus McDonald/Gettyimages.com