Katherine Heigl was on Howard Stern yesterday. Howard asked her about all the sh-t she talked about Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy. Remember she once said she removed herself from Emmy consideration because the writing for her on Grey’s was sh-t and after Knocked Up made her a movie star, she shat on that too. And now she’s expressing, sort of, some regret for letting her mouth get her in trouble. She tells Howard that she went to Shonda Rhimes afterwards to apologise and that she did run into Seth Rogen once and he wasn’t receptive. You’ll note, by the way, that a few years later, Shonda referred to dramatic people on set as “Heigls”. So whatever Katherine Heigl said as an “apology” didn’t land with Shonda. And it certainly didn’t last with Shonda. Shonda, to me, is the way.

Which is why I’m not moved. You know why else I’m not moved?

I’m not moved because even though she might not be as famous as she was, not getting the offers she once had, it’s not like Katherine Heigl isn’t working anymore. It’s not like Katherine Heigl hasn’t had a television show since then, and another pilot, and movie work, and she’s currently working on two movies. She’s had work every single year. She publicly criticised the people who made her career, was publicly ungrateful to those people for making her career, and she still works every single year. Right. So…what’s the problem?

The problem, actually, is her hair. Always.