Bitch… please. As if.

I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore because Denny died. Like 3 years ago. But Denny won’t go away. Ugh.


For those of you who are still gnashing your teeth through the sh-t at Seattle Grace however you’re probably aware that Izzie is sick or something. And she’ll finally get a diagnosis but no one knows if she’ll live even though the Crown Princess of AssTalk Katherine Heigl desperately wants her to bite it so that she can bail on her television career and focus on films…

She’s the female George Clooney, right?


Apparently that’s the nickname given to her by her co-stars because she’s “the movie star”.


No. And wrong.

George Clooney is a nice person. George Clooney is gracious. George Clooney would NEVER EVER EVER publicly call out the writers for sucking it while pretending to magnanimously bow out of an Emmy nomination.

And memo to Hayden Panettiere – when he’s supposed to be on a carpet, George Clooney routinely arrives AN HOUR EARLY to make sure he gives everyone on the press line their due.

AssTalking Katherine Heigl the female George Clooney? Take your f-cking lame sh-t People’s Choice Award and shove it in your mouth.

Maybe her castmates are messing with her head. That’s what I would do.


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