I mean…

I just shouted out in anger in the middle of the living room at 12:30am at Duana’s on Saturday night/Sunday morning while writing this because F-CK, why can’t Katherine Heigl ever get her goddamn hair right?!?!?

She’s 32. She’s not 62. She’s tall and pretty, with the kind of good looks that don’t necessarily intimidate, belying the fact that she’s actually a mouthy ungrateful bitch. But this post is not about her personality. This post is about the sh-t that’s happening on top of her head, seen here out for dinner with her husband Josh Kelley in Los Angeles the other night.

You know when old ladies talk about getting their hair “set”? And then they take the rollers out and leave it as is? So that you can see where each piece was curled?

That’s what this is. Katherine Heigl is walking around after having had her hair “set”. The only difference is that her hair isn’t blue. And, again, she’s NOT 62!!!

Duana, who can be a Heigl apologist, just posited that “she has a round face, and I have a round face, and I know that hairdressers often don’t know what to do with round faces”.

Fine. But EVERY hairdresser? Because this is not a recent problem. Check here, and here, and here for previous examples.

The thing is – when she’s on a film set, with people who know about hair, it’s usually not a problem. Click here for a recent demonstration. So… it’s not like it’s impossible to give her good hair. It is, in fact, very, very possible. It’s just NOT possible when she’s making the choices.

I have to disagree then with Duana’s position. I don’t think you can blame it on anyone else. I think it’s all her. Her hair, her taste.

And, um, if we play Photo Assumption on Josh’s face, it looks like he’s not feeling it either. Which is, as mean as this is to say, really, really hilarious.

Photos from Flynetonline.com