It’s been a long time since I posted about Katherine Heigl. Let me check. Last article posted was ... March 2012. Is that right? Over a year? Our archive search is sometimes wonky but that might be right. A year.

Here’s Heigl in New Orleans the other day with her husband Josh Kelly. Apparently she’s there shooting a movie called North Of Hell, described as a “dark comedy”. Heigl’s last movie was The Big Wedding released a month ago, one of the worst reviewed films of the year. It’s not entirely her fault. And she barely promoted it. But it did continue her streak of sh-tty projects. It’s been, Jesus, it’s been FIVE YEARS of sh-tty projects.

Five years ago, Katherine Heigl was on her way to becoming a Movie Star. Judd Apatow put her in Knocked Up. Then she got tired of Grey’s Anatomy. 27 Dresses, a January release, did surprisingly well, all things considered. Then came The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler. Can we blame Gerard Butler?

Unfortunately we can’t.

Before Anne Hathaway, there was Katherine Heigl. Remember this article? There were several of them. She was also making very, very poor professional choices. See Killers and Life As We Know It. Or, you know, don’t. You didn’t. We haven’t been watching Katherine Heigl movies.


Would we watch a Katherine Heigl tv show?

I might.

I would be more inclined to watch a Katherine Heigl tv show than a Katherine Heigl movie. But so many of them taste the movies and never want to go back to tv. Not only for the (debatable) prestige but also because it’s an easier schedule. The thing about tv though is that it may be “harder” work, but it’s also steady work if you can land a hit. You’d think that after so many years of rejection for actors, this would be what they want. And yet...the psychological hierarchy simply isn’t set up that way.