To look worse than you at a Hollywood event.

Again, how does this keep happening???

Katherine Heigl was fresh and gorgeous and not tacky assed and weird-haired the first two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t believe it’s the same person. Who showed up last night at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute last night with that crazy thing on her head in a dress that looks like what people wear when they’re trying to be Kim Kardashian. It’s appalling. And, as I have always, always said... it’s SO unnecessary.

Like Hilary Swank, Heigl’s next release is New Year’s Eve. Then of course it’s One For The Money, Stephanie Plum. Will it pull her out of her slump? HitFix doesn’t seem to think so. Last week they posted an article citing 5 reasons why it won’t save Heigl’s career. My favourite is point #2:

A lot of people still don’t like her.

They attributed it to the fact that she dared to “share her opinion” and wondered whether or not it was fair that a woman who shares her opinion should be punished for it forever when men do it all the time. See now I don’t think it was a matter of “sharing her opinion”. I see it as a matter of her sh-tting on the people she worked with. Judd Apatow, the Grey’s Anatomy writers, the people who played a significant part in her success.

Susan Sarandon shared her opinion about the Pope. THAT is an opinion. Katherine Heigl? That’s just ungrateful. Click here to read the HitFix article.

PS. Every other celebrity at this event posed with their other celebrity friends, like Aniston with Witherspoon, Streisand, whatever. Heigl was there with her husband Josh Kelly. And she had her photo taken with the editor and publisher of ELLE which is more like an official duty. And ...I can’t find any pictures of her with anyone else. Does she have friends?