First Blake Lively, now the ungrateful Princess of AssTalk herself Katherine Heigl???

According to, Victoria Beckham has once again lost out to a tv girl: Katherine Heigl is rumoured to grace the magazine’s April issue. Vogue will not confirm but it does make sense.

Heigl’s new movie The Ugly Truth with spittle sideshow mouth Gerard Butler was originally due out in theatres April 3rd. And as you know, Katie Heigl is currently challenging Kate Hudson for chick flick supremacy.

However, the studio has now pushed The Ugly Truth release date back to July 24th – a very good sign. Amid major blockbuster releases like Transformers and Harry Potter, they are hoping that some moviegoers will rush to see The Ugly Truth as a romantic comedy alternative.

Translation: there’s a LOT of confidence behind his movie.

Katherine Heigl could have another major hit on her hands.


Posh must be punching herself in the concrete tits wondering if she might have to actually eat something to get on that damn cover. It would be the ultimate sacrifice. But in a sh-tty economy it’s all about numbers and how much you can sell. The MiniVan Majority loves Katherine Heigl.

Anna Wintour is being forced to fellate the MiniVan Majority. F-cking recession.

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