I haven’t read the Stephanie Plum/Evanovich books. But I’ve heard from many of you who have and you’ve written to say how worried you are that Katherine Heigl is playing Plum in the movie adaptation of One for the Money. Totally relatable. Am suffering the same anxiety over Lisbeth Salander and Katniss Everdeen. But those roles have yet to be confirmed so there’s still hope for me that they might get it right, in Salander’s case, right being on top of a wrong since Noomi Rapace should not be replaced.

For you however, well, it’s too late. Katie is already making the movie, seen here on set yesterday in Pittsburgh. I’m sorry, I know how much this must suck. Because Katherine Heigl movies suck. Her last movie sucked so hard it received a 0% rating from Top Critics on Rotten Tomatoes.


How does a movie that bad even get made?

When are they going to start calling out Ashton Kutcher on his sh-t?

The only good news: Heigl’s non stop streak of sucking just might mean she sucks herself back to television, no longer welcome in film. That’s a good way for Plum to go down, non?

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