She's been pretty low profile lately, Katherine Heigl. Since sh-tting on the writers at Grey's Anatomy and pulling out of Emmy contention claiming the material was undeserving - a move that seriously backfired - the ungrateful Princess of AssTalk has quietly moved under the radar, dutifully though not enthusiastically reporting to work on the show's new season, stinging inside that Shonda Rhimes won't let her go.

Now, just 3 days before Emmy night, AssTalk has emerged, seen here with her husband. Still waiting on confirmation about whether she'll be walking the carpet on Sunday and as you'd expect, if she does show, the media will be all over her about her comments.


But if there's one area where Heigl should be applauded? It's for having a normal body. That is a normal body. You can tell because the pockets on those white pants don't lie flat.

In the age of Anorexic 90210 this is a welcome alternative, for lack of a better word.

Alternative...but why not norm?

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