News broke last week that Katherine Heigl, who’s been trying to pout and diva her way off Grey’s Anatomy for three years now, has finally been granted her demand. Ever the professional, the Ungrateful Princess of AssTalk was supposed to return to work on March 1 after a 6 month hiatus but didn’t show. Her people are currently wrangling with ABC behind the scenes to get her released from her contract.

Haven’t you heard? Heigl is a big ass movie star now. She doesn’t need television. And television doesn’t need her. According to the February 26, 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly Grey’s Anatomy has seen a “28% bump in total viewership so far this season over last ...(and) is enjoying a 53% higher rating among the upscale 18-49 crowd than its current overall rating.” WITHOUT Heigl.

So go on asstalking Katie Heigl. We’ll see how long you last in film.

This is Heigl at lunch on the weekend. Am shocked she’s not with her mother.

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