Life As We Know It opens next week. And she needs it to be a hit. Because Killers was far, far from a hit. Killers was also crucified by critics. So she’s on the sell right now, and she needs to convince people that she’s not really an asstalking bitch, ungrateful about her success, who has managed, in a very short time to have alienated many of her peers and eroded a fragile fanbase that thought she might be the next Julia Roberts.

This explains the New York Times piece on Katherine Heigl published yesterday – click here to read it – with airy fairy quotes from her current director and her current co-star (Josh Duhamel who she hired as producer on this movie) about how prepared and professional and wonderful and kind she is, nothing like the picture that’s been painted of her over the last year and a half.

Remember when Katherine Heigl cut down the movie that made her a star? (Knocked Up)

Remember when Katherine Heigl withdrew from Emmy consideration because she said the writers wrote sh-t and didn’t deserve to be nominated? (Grey’s Anatomy)

Remember when Katherine Heigl was fired by her own publicist?

Remember when New York Magazine, earlier this year, quoted a Hollywood agent who confirmed that no one who has ever worked with Heigl will ever work with her again? Click here for a refresher.

No... no... no...

She’s just a strong woman who speaks her mind.

I don’t buy that. You know why I don’t buy that?

Because no one hates Sandra Bullock.

Having said that, what’s interesting here is that Team Heigl recognises there’s a problem. And they’re trying to fix it. So the baby’s been coming out a lot more. And she was on her best behaviour for the New York Times. And she’s appealing to you folks with kids, she wants you to get on side with the new project, because this is the demographic that will never tire of the scene in which one of the parents has poo on the face? I guess.

But there was something else in that NY Times interview that’s getting people talking.


“If all goes well, Ms. Heigl will then turn toward sharply dramatic work, starring as a Scottish heroine in an adaptation of “Outlander,” the novel by Diana Gabaldon. “Scotland? 2012? What do you think?” she said.”

So Katie already has you all twisted up because she’s playing Stephanie Plum. How will you take it now that she’s trying to go after Claire and Jamie?

This apparently is the first anyone has heard of the endeavour so it sounds early, and it sounds like she’s trying to acquire it. To be honest, I don’t have strong feelings about this either way. I read the first two books in the series and stopped caring very quickly. I am however aware of the ardent following. An ardent following can turn batsh-t crazy very quickly. Princess Asstalk better be careful.

Here’s the trailer, just in case you haven’t seen the “face poo” part.

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