Judd Apatow put Katherine Heigl in his movie. It was a hit. So Katherine Heigl tried to become a movie star. It didn’t really work out.

Now Heigl is reportedly contemplating a return to television. She’s been pitching a show to the networks and so far NBC seems most interested. It’s a CIA drama and Heigl would play “an adviser/communications liaison for the U.S. president”. Oh OK. So like a hybrid of Olivia Pope and Carrie Matheson? Scandal meets Homeland? Heigl is looking to co-produce the show, if it happens, with her mother who is also her manager.

But this makes sense. The show idea might not be entirely original (and, really, she’s not the first to marry two hits and try to jack them together into something new) but Heigl going back to television is the right move. It’s what Jessica Biel should be doing. Some stars are meant for that medium and there is no shame in it, none at all. Look at what television is doing. Look at the creative freedom in television that arguably doesn’t exist in the film studio system, especially as it relates to female characters. Not sure if Heigl is capable of a female character beyond Izzie Stevens but I support her trying it out. It’s much more likely that I’d watch a Katherine Heigl tv show than I’d watch a Katherine Heigl movie. This is the right move. Katherine Heigl Career Prospectus-ed herself.

Attached -- Heigl on her own in LA last week. Why does she always look cuter when her ma isn’t around? Do I look cuter when my Squawking Chicken isn’t around?