Katherine Heigl is getting married in 4 days. The wedding will cap off what has been a career year: she managed to monopolise a sh*tty season of Grey’s Anatomy, she starred in a blockbuster movie that she subsequently called sexist (though she didn’t hesitate to move her asking price from $300,000 per picture to $6 million) she took home an Emmy, and she was named one of Barbara Walters’s most fascinating of 2007.

None of which was achieved without planning and precision. Trust. Remember she showed up at The Ivy practically five minutes after winning her Emmy.

And this week she’ll be a bride. Much to the delight of the paps who’ve been following her around. Ever the sweetheart, she obliged them yesterday in a long white coat – apparently it’s freezing in LA?

Crazy Chinese people do this too.

Am in Hong Kong where the daily average is about 20 celsius – about 68 farenheit. This is NOT chilly. It’s nowhere near chilly. In fact, where I come from it’s weather for shorts. But still my people insist on walking around in long sleeves, long pants, scarves, boots, and sometimes fur lined coats!

Hello Kitties get cold.

And so does Katherine Heigl. Even though it was warm enough yesterday to have lunch outside, for TR Knight to enjoy his meal in only a short sleeved tee, Katie dressed for New York in November. White, of course.

Katherine Heigl is a Hello Kitty? Or Katherine Heigl is a famewhore?

Photos from Splash