The Ungrateful Princess of AssTalk can afford to be generous. Because in just two short years Katherine Heigl has managed to claw her way to a top 5 ranking among actresses, just behind the Jolie, Julia, Reese, and Cam. She did what few have done – not even Rachel Green. Katie Heigl the TV Girl made the jump.

For a long time Jennifer Aniston has been hoping and trying and begging for the same. To no avail.

Marley & Me could change that. And Heigl showed up last night at the premiere in support of the film. It was in fact a TV-heavy carpet. Her bestie TR Knight was there, and someone was stupid enough to invite Kristin Cavallari. And a host of other TV B to C listers I can’t name.

But curiously enough, nothing from the Owen Wilson crowd. Or the established film community. No Ben Stiller, no Jason Schwartzman, no Isla Fisher… none of the usual suspects. Strictly TV. Whatever. Enough analysis. Let’s concern ourselves instead with Heigl’s hair and makeup. That old Hollywood vibe.

You likey?

It’s not my thing. I suppose it works for her, with her features, and she doesn’t look horrid…but it’s how mom wants you to go out, you know? It’s the style that mom prefers. And while I kowtow to mom on most things, I will never agree with mom on clothes.

Wouldn’t you know, her mom tagged along last night too. Katherine, husband, and mom. She’s, like, always with her mom. Weird.

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